Guy Kassongo


Guy Kassongo came into eldership in July 2019.

My journey with the Lord

I was born again on the 5th of April 1993 during a Bible Camp that was organised by students at the University of Burundi in Central Africa. As I knelt down and surrendered my life to the Lord in tears, I was also baptised in the Holy Spirit and I began to speak in new tongues I had never learned, as the Lord gave me utterance. I went through a baptism course for about a year and on the 25th of February 1994, I was baptised in the great Tanganyika Lake along with hundreds other believers. Straight after I became a believer, the Pastor allowed me to start leading the service and to preach occasionally.

Twelve years later, I was admitted into church leadership for the first time, as a teaching deacon at Eden Church in London. Around 2007, I moved to the Bridge Christian Fellowship in North London and Tony Pearce appointed me a teaching deacon. I was received into Eldership in 2011 and I served under Tony Pearce’s spiritual leadership. I joined Court Farm Evangelical Church toward the end of the year 2016 and served as a preacher under John Hayward’s spiritual leadership. He received me into Eldership in July 2019, and I have been serving the Lord in that capacity since then.

I am married to Jennifer, and we have been living together for the past twenty-five years. The Lord blessed us with five lovely children who also love the Lord. We live in the South-East of England, still serving the Lord at Court Farm Evangelical Church in Mottingham, South-East London. I love traditional hymns and I enjoy the Christian fellowship with serious believers who love and serve the Lord wholeheartedly and uncompromisingly. I believe that Christ is building His Church as He promised in Matthew 16:18, and that He will return to receive the Church unto Himself according to His promise in John 14:3.

I kindly encourage you to read an extended version of my testimony and I hope it will be a blessing to you.

Blessings in Christ Jesus,



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