Audio Messages

John Hayward is Court Farm Church's Pastor.

Title Date Series
1 John 5 09 December 2018
The Fountain Gate 02 December 2018 Nehemiah
The Refuse Gate 11 November 2018 Nehemiah
The Valley Gate 04 November 2018 Nehemiah
The Old Gate 28 October 2018 Nehemiah
The Fish Gate 14 October 2018 Nehemiah
The Missing Jewel in the Remnant Church 07 October 2018
The Fountain of Life 23 September 2018
The Sheep Gate 16 September 2018 Nehemiah
Nehemiah 2 26 August 2018 Nehemiah
Title Description

Discovering God's pattern for the Church in the book of Acts.


Rebuilding the wall and the meaning of each gate.

Vision of the Church
Joshua, The Promised Land
Three Men Who Walked With God
Strengthen The Things That Remain
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